Innovia Materials Company Limited, a global provider of high performance piezoelectric materials serving diverse market applications including medical ultrasound imaging, non-destructive testing (NDT), piezoelectric positioning, and MEMS and biosensors market. Our extensive line of products includes giant piezoelectric crystals, in particular, PMN-PT (lead magnesium niobate-lead titanate) crystals up to 3 inch in diameter. Other products include PZT-based composite with competitive and adjustable piezoelectric properties.

    At Innovia, we value innovation as well as cost performance. Our team has 10 plus years of experience in crystal growth, process and transducer technology. As a specialty crystal and composite manufacturer, our goal is to deliver best valued materials and process solutions to meet our customers’ demands for performance, reliability and ultimately, profit.

    Innovia is also very adaptable to customization. We fully understand that one solution cannot be provided to all and that each customer has their uniqueness in property and process requirements. Hence, our R&D and sales teams come together as one in communication, problem solving and support for our customers.

    With innovation embedded in our name, Innovia is committed to offer creativity, quality and efficiency to customers world-wide.